Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Definately NOT Kirby! The Black Racer by Werner Roth.
As I work my way through the Fourth World, I find myself wondering how to treat what I call the "Fourth World Apocrypha". Those are the stories that fall outside what I regard as the Kirby Canon, which are the 69 stories that Kirby produced in the pages of the four original Fourth World titles, "The New Gods", "The Forever People", "Mister Miracle" and "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen". Anything Kirby produced after that, even the graphic novel "The Hunger Gods" and it's precursors "Even Gods Must Die" and "On The Road To Armagetto", are not necessarily part of his original master-plan. In addition, there are other stories, produced during Kirby's original run, in other titles by other writers and artists that utilize the Fourth World concepts. Stories such as "My Death... By Lois Lane" and "Edge Of Darkness" from the pages of "Superman's Girl-Friend, Lois Lane" are prime examples, along with a couple of stories from the post-Kirby issues of Jimmy Olsen. 
So, my intention is not to include the apocryphal stories in the main Fourth World Thursday updates, but instead to do a separate update as I get to them. I'm still compiling a list of the apocryphal stories, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.
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