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A few days ago, I mentioned that I was compiling a list of stories from the non-Kirby titles that link, albeit sometimes very loosely, into the Fourth World saga during the tetralogy's original run. In the end, I came up with a shorter than I expected list of seven stories, five from the pages of Lois Lane, and two from the post-Kirby issues of Jimmy Olsen. All seven stories were published prior to DC cancelling New Gods and Forever People at the end of 1972. As I said, some of the connections are tenuous at best, but I will include them as extra entries in Fourth World Thursday/Friday when I reach the appropriate point. The seven stories are...

An apocryphal Desaad appearance in Lois Lane #116
LOIS LANE #111 (7/71) - Dark Side Of The Justice League (DNA Project, Intergang appear, Evil Factory BTS)
LOIS LANE #115 (10/71) - My Death, By Lois Lane (Black Racer, Intergang, Morgan Edge)
LOIS LANE #116 (11/71) - Hall Of 1,000 Mirrors (Darkseid, Edge, Desaad, Happyland)
LOIS LANE #118 (1/72) - Edge Of Darkness (Evil Factory, Edge, Darkseid)
LOIS LANE #119 (2/72) - Inside The Outsiders (Edge, The Outsiders (subplot only))
JIMMY OLSEN #150 (6/72) - Where's Charlie Now? (back-up story - Newsboy Legion, Angry Charlie)
JIMMY OLSEN #152 (8-9/72) - The Double Edged Sword (Darkseid, Edge, The Outsiders)

There's also a reference to Darkseid in the story "The Hero Superman Doomed To Die!" in Action Comics #408 (January 1972). I haven't yet had a chance to check out that story, but I believe it to be no more than a mention and thus not worthy of inclusion.

These apocryphal stories won't take the place of the regular Fourth World Thursday updates, I plan to do an extra update that week.
If anyone knows of any other non-Kirby Fourth World stories from the 1970-74 period, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.
I'll be back tomorrow with the first edition of Muck Monster Monday, then Thursday with Fourth World Thursday.
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