Tuesday, 4 May 2010

PETER O'DONNELL (1920-2010) R.I.P.

Planned to Blog today about the SF strip Jeff Hawke, but there has been, as they say, a change to the scheduled programming...

One of the greats has left us. Peter O’Donnell died last night, just a week after celebrating his ninetieth birthday.

He worked on such strips as Garth and Romeo Jones, but he’s best known for creating the classic Modesty Blaise with artist Jim Holdaway. Starting in 1963 in the London Evening Standard, the adventure strip ran for the better part of forty years covering 96 stories. In addition to the comic strip, O'Donnell wrote eleven novels and two collections of short stories based on the character.

Helped by the wonderful art of Jim Holdaway, Enrique Romero, Neville Colvin and Patrick Wright, O'Donnell took his femme fatale and her faithful right hand man Willie Garvin, through numorous exotic adventures, the like of which are now sadly missing from the newspaper pages.

Rest in peace Peter. You'll be sadly missed.

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